Water treatment industry

Glass and crystal industries

Sandblast and descaling


Tile and ceramic industries

Resistant concretes and industrial glues and …

water refinery

Production of micronized powder and grading of mineral types (silica-carbonate)
To use:
– Water treatment industry
– Glass and crystal industries
– Sandblast and descaling
– Casting
– Tile and ceramic industries
– Resistant concretes and industrial glues and …
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Sales office in Tehran: 021 77205067 – 021 77205068
Factory: silica Persian company- Shushab Azandarian Industrial Town-35
Km of Hamadan road – Malayer
Mineral chemical analysis:
Sio2 AL2o3 Fe2o3 Cao Mgo Na2o K2o Tio2 So3 Loi
Silica AS1 99.66 0.12 0.020 0.020 N.D N.D 0.020 – – 0.14
Persian Silica AS2 98.10 0.31 0.35 0.33 0.39 0.15 0.06 – – – ,
AF1 71.59 15.28 0.51 0.88 0.12 4.75 5.96 0.01 trac e 0.71 Sodic potasium feldspar
AF2 73.80 13.58 0.51 0.92 0.11 3.66 6.24 0.08 0.36 0.03 Sodic potasium feldspar
AFs1 59.91 21.06 0.11 0.32 0.13 10.92 0.35 0.14 0. 15 1.73 Sodic feldspar
AFs2 71.87 16.62 0.14 2.27 0.17 8.26 0.17 0.02 0.0 3 0.37 Sodic feldspar
AF3 – 74.21 14.41 0.7 1.4 0.04 3.98 5.83 0.02 – 0. 68Sodic potasium feldspar
AFs2 68.52 21.17 0.23 0.45 0.17 9.070 0.17 0.12 – 0.37 Sodic feldspar

Persian Silica Company has a lot of experiences in country industry and mine and it has been known as a sample unit in processing of different mineral materials, especially silica.

Now, this company is one of the most major of silica suppliers in the country and it worth to say that products of this company produce with the most desirable extracted silica stone in the country and use the automations equipped to magnet and strong filtration with high purity and present silica in different grades, size and meshes according to applied usage of different industries.

My slogan is always customer-oriented and truth in sale and presentation of high quality materials with proper costs in the least possible time. Satisfaction of dear manufacturers in industries such as glass, porcelain, water treatment industries, ceramic, production of lime sand brick , casting, production of sodium, production of other silica materials, as semiconductor in electronic industry and production of silicate glass wool , application in glaze, casting and refractory, paint, plastic, rubber, putty and glue , electrode, sandblast, glass and cement, paint industry, control of water pipes abrasion , glaze and enamel formulation, types of liquid solution in saponification, industrial and general cleaners, glue, cement production, production of ferrosilicon, paint and covering, casting mold, ore flotation, peroxide stabilization and abrasion control in water pipes and different and various tens of industry  are indicators of  this subject.

This production unit is loyal to its undertaking against development not only as a dream but as a necessity, because we believed that movement without stable growth and development lead to failure in social and economic areas.

Should explain that:

Dear customers can contact us to request (purchase, pre factor, cost and any question) and we can give advice you by following Tel numbers:

Central Office Address: Tehran Tehran West Pass, Seraj Avenue, No. 74
Office contact number: +982177205067
Factory Address: Hamadan, 35 km Malayer Road – Azandaran Shooshab Industrial Town, Reykjavik Silica Factory